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Nafaldo Cargnel’s World Stadium had a full house last night, when an ecumenical ceremony formally opened the ISF World Tournament.

Viernes 02 de Noviembre de 2012

ISF World Tournament’s opening ceremonies took place last night in Parana. Among others province authorities where present for the event.

Emotion is the right word to describe the faces of all the people from the softball world and particularly from Parana-Entre Rios. A world tournament is something that brings pride to the habitants of this city located at the west coast of the province of Entre Rios-Argentina. Last night the meeting was formally opened with an ecumenical ceremony attended by the presence of the 14 delegations as part of this contest.

The governor of Entre Rios Sergio Urribarri, the vice governor José Cáceres, the mayor of Paraná Blanca Osuna, the President of the Softball Argentinean Federation Jacinto Cipriota and the president of Parana´s Softball Association Carlos Migliavacca. It was emotive to have this kind of competition for the first time ever such as a World Championship. The World Cup Stadium was full of anxious people to celebrate a unique event, which had among other things a show of fireworks.

Carlos Migliavacca, president of Parana´s Softball Association welcomed all the teams and also highlighted the effort that was made for the World Cup to be played in the city of Paraná. Migliavacca also mentioned the support of the State and enterprises that accompany this sport. Then the president of the Argentinean Softball Federation Jacinto Cipriota made intensive appreciation for everyone’s efforts to conduct a tournament of such magnitude.

The mayor of Paraná Blanca Osuna was commissioned to make clear in her speech that accompanies the festival city of softball. “Paraná for the World” expressed.

Finally the governor of Entre Rios Sergio Urribarri closed the ceremony with a speech full of emotive words to all participating delegations of the World Championship and made it clear that the effort was made to have the tournament in the province of Entre Rios. Then there was the debut Argentine against Czech Republic in Group B.

Today will be the presentation of teams such as Australia, the defending champion, Canada (runner-up) and New Zealand.

The city of Parana will live a unique celebration and softball is something that everyone will talk about.

Traducción: Roberto Bahler.

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